Why Are Students Still Failing Their Driving Theory Test?

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Many students find it difficult to pass the driving theory test even after they have spend many hours studying. 76% of students fail the exam first time and often give up afterwards never daring to book another driving theory test let alone seek help from others. Indeed, there is a fear of asking for help from others or even speaking to family members once the exam has failed. Some students describe this as a fear of being called ‘stupid’ or just not wanting to relive the stress of going to the test centre again. Nevertheless, this does present a problem which needs further discussion which is ‘why students are still failing their driving test after studying for so long.’ This outline will outline three reasons as to why and how students can overcome these reasons.


Reason 1: The Student Is Revising From The Wrong Training Materials

The driving theory test has a certain wording for each question. Some believe that this wording is turned upside down and randomly in the exam however that is not the case. The real driving theory test questions are found on the DVSA website and they are word for word exactly the same as the real exam. You should try your best to not download many apps instead just use the DVSA website. This is the teacher’s recommendation to pass the driving theory test. Remember, if you are using the wrong driving theory test question practice material it will waste your time and make you not want to take the exam again. Many students often go once, see the exam questions are different and then never go back again thinking it is impossible. Never give up on your theory test and go again but only after revising from the DVSA website. (google it)

Reason 2: The Student Has Reading and Listening Difficulties

Many of our students have dyslexia, learning difficulties or do not read and understand English, perhaps a lack of schooling or English is not their first language. Fast Track Training teachers always think of the student first. If the student is struggling with English the best recommendation is to study the driving theory test exam with headphones using audio. You can find audio questions online, but  this is not always helpful for students. Often student’s need more than just audio they need an English teacher. Additionally, an English teacher who knows the secrets, tips and tricks to passing the driving theory test is preferable.

Reason 3: The Student Is Trying To Pass By Themselves Without A Teacher

Every student is bust with their own lives and this does not leave a lot of time for the driving theory test. Students have family, work commitments, friends, children, and social lives which means it is near impossible to squeeze time in for other activity … nearly impossible at least not without help from others. This help does not necessarily have to be from a special driving theory test teacher who has helped hundreds of students pass their exams, it can be a friend or a family member who wants to support you. If you do not explain or ask for help then you may never receive your driving licence and indeed that would be a fate worse than taking the bus or taxis for the rest of your life. 99% of students pass first time with the help of a teacher and usually within one month. Hence, it is important to start speaking to others about your concerns for driving theory test. Think of it as an important stepping stone in your future which could lead to better job prospects, happier family, and more travel options.

If this interests you then speak to a teacher for a free assessment www.fasttrackdrive.co.uk/free-assessment

Do not suffer in silence and remember to ask others for help and advice and break the cycle of not passing  your driving theory test. Good luck Fast Tracker.

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