About the test

What is the driving theory test?

The driving theory test is a multiple-choice question and answer exam. It includes two sections the first is a multiple-choice question and answer exam testing your knowledge of driving a car and the second is a hazard perception test which shows you video clips of real life situations and you must click on the hazards when they appear. More information on this can be found in our online training course for driving theory test.

When can I take my theory test?

You can take your exam if you are 17 years old. Make sure you have applied for your provisional driving licence from the government as you cannot take your exam until you have one.

Would you recommend that I start my practical lessons before I pass my theory test?

You are allowed to start your driving lessons before you pass your theory test. Each student is an individual and everyone is different. If you feel that you would like to start driving and it would help you become a driver faster then go for it. As a teacher, my experience is that you should finish your driving theory test first and then, within 2 years as the certificate expires within 2 years, complete your driving test. You will save money and you can concentrate on one exam at a time.

Can I sit my driving test before my theory test?

No. You are required to pass your theory test before your practical test.

Who sets the theory test?

The theory test is set by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

What’s the pass mark?

You need 43/50 to pass the first part (multiple choice questions) and 44/75 to pass the second part (hazard perception) There are 14 clips in the second part. You need to pass both exams to pass your driving theory test. Once the theory test has been passed then you can sit a driving test.


How long is the driving theory test?

Your time limit is two hours for both parts of the exam. Most students finish their exam within 1 hour if they have practiced beforehand. There is an additional ‘practice’ part which lasts 15 minutes before the exam. You can click ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to do the extra practice. Once you start the exam it will last 57 minutes to complete the first part. You will then have 3 minutes rest before starting the hazard perception test which lasts 20 minutes. When you have finished you can leave and collect your result. Make sure you arrive 30 minutes early to get used to the environment and get rid of any pesky nerves.

How does the multiple choice question part of the exam work?

There are officially 900 questions in the driving theory test multiple choice database – they will select a random 50 questions for you on the day of your test. There will be diagrams and pictures and road signs for you to choose from. There will be one question and four answers for you to choose from.

Update 28.09.20 At the end of your test there will be a case study scenario question part which has 3 videos and you must answer questions about what is happening in the video.  The new version of the case study scenario questions is designed to help those with reading or learning difficulties pass their exam. If you would like more information on the new rule changes speak to a teacher www.fasttrackdrive.co.uk/free-assessment.

The multiple choice questions and answers are take from the following categories:

  • Attitude
  • Documents
  • Hazard Awareness
  • Incidents, Accidents and Emergencies
  • Motorway Rules
  • Other Types of Vehicle
  • Road and Traffic Signs
  • Rules of the Road
  • Safety and Your Vehicle
  • Safety Margins
  • Vehicle Handling
  • Vehicle Loading
  • Vulnerable Road Users

What does the hazard perception consist of?

The hazard perception test measures your ability and reaction speeds to developing hazards on the road such as dangerous pedestrians and avoiding car accidents.  There are 14 video clips that you will need to watch, each clip lasts 60 seconds and there are 13 video clips with 1 hazard and then 1 video clip has 2 hazards (totalling 15 clips) Be careful not to over click get in touch with a teacher on +447768279709 if you would like more information.

Is this test easy or hard?

If you have not revised before have reading or learning difficulties then this exam is hard. You should be revising the questions and answers which are accurate to the exam. A lot of students will practice many apps or many websites which have ‘different wordings’ The wording of the question can be swapped back to front on your exam. A lot of our students find this very difficult and so Fast Track Training only teaches the accurate questions and answers from the exam. This means when you practice with our teachers you can feel confident that it is the same as the real test. ng for the test

What is the best way to prepare for the exam?

At Fast Track Training we do not want students to read the book. Statistically students who spend 10 hours revising practice questions and answers have a 50% higher chance of passing than 10 students who practice using the book only. Of course it is safe to say practicing the questions and answers is the fastest way to passing your driving theory test.

TEACHERS TOP TIP: Try to see 900 questions from the official database (found on our website student area once you register) practice 18 exams in total at 50 questions each you will have seen 900 questions in total. When you have seen the questions and answers once then you will definitely get them right again in the exam. Practice as many times until you feel comfortable but 18 completed exams will give you a 99% pass rate.

We also recommend practicing road signs. There is a full list of the government website: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/the-highway-code/traffic-signs

Does the driving theory test have any trick questions?

The exam does not try and trick you however the wording of the questions can be turned back to front to make it difficult for those who cannot read properly. To avoid this just practice the questions and answers found on this website once you have registered. There are some misunderstandings such as the difference between braking distance and stopping distance – one is the time it takes for you car to stop and the other includes thinking time + care braking time.

Just do you best to practice the official questions from the exam so that you memorise their wording.

What is the theory test based on?

There are no real laws or policies including in the theory test. The test consists of general understanding of how to drive on the road safely, road signs, road markings, and understanding the rules of road. 50% is common sense and 50% can only be learned by practicing questions and answers online.

Should I memorise every single question and answer?

Yes. You will need to have seen all 900 questions. Why? Because this is a multiple-choice exam and when you have read the questions from before you can choose the correct 1 answer out of 4 answers. This is the fastest way to pass your test.

When should I book my theory test?

When you have read all 900 questions and spoken to a teacher. It is also helpful when you marks are between 39-50 (In your practice exams) There is no need to be passing every mock exam in order to book the real test. Your real test could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 weeks to sit so in the mean time you will be practicing.

How do I book the theory test?

There are many ways to book the theory test including on the website and over the phone.

Online – To book online, go to www.gov.uk/book-theory-test and register your details. You will need:

  • your UK driving licence number
  • a credit or debit card
  • an e-mail address

When you have booked the exam you will receive a confirmation email with all the details for your test.

Telephone –DVSA Theory Test Booking Line 0300 200 1122
Northern Ireland –
0845 600 6700
Welsh speaker – 0300 200 1133
Speech or hearing difficulties use minicom machine – 0300 200 1166.

DVSA are open from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm.

If you do not have an email address and you have made your booking over the telephone then please wait 10 days for your paper confirmation to arrive in the post.

How much does the test booking cost?

There are many different fees for applying for a theory test:

  • Car – £23
  • Motorcycle – £23
  • LGV – £26 (Multiple Choice Test) + £11 (Hazard Perception Test) + £23 (Case Studies)
  • ADI Part 1 – £81

Where do I go to sit the exam?

There are over 150 test centres in the UK. There should be a test centre 20 miles to your address. You can find your nearest test centre by entering your post code.

What should I do if I have booked during Covid-19 and my exam was cancelled and I did not receive a refund?

During COvid-19 the driving theory test centres closed down. If you have not yet received a refund for your exam then contact them on 0300 200 1122 or email customercare@pearson.com. Please note they will be very busy restarting their test centres so be patient with them.

When are test centres reopening?

29.09.20 UPDATE: In most of the UK the test centre have reopened.

How do I cancel or postpone my test?

You can change your test online at www.gov.uk/cancel-theory-test, additionally you can contact the test centre booking telephone line on 0300 200 1122 from Monday to Friday, between 8am and 4pm.

Cancellations: Please make sure cancellations are done 3 working days in advance.

Short-notice cancellations are only allowed in the following circumstances:

  • If you are ill or injured and have a medical certificate to prove this
  • If you have been affected by a bereavement
  • If you are sitting school examinations

You will not get a refund but you can rebook another exam under these conditions.

At the Test Centre

What ID do I need to bring to the test centre?

Bring your provisional photocard driving licence to the exam centre. If you only have a paper style driving licence bring a passport to validate this.

When I arrive to the test centre how long will the whole process take?

Make sure you take out two hours of your time (it can end sooner) Remember to factor in travel time to the centre so you do not miss your test and also get there early so you can get used to the environment. 57 minutes for your multiple choice question test and 20 minutes for your hazard perception and 10 minutes to wait for the result.

Can I bring my family members and children?

No. Only candidates sitting the exam can enter the exam centre. All other must wait outside.

How do I apply for extra support?

If you have a medical issue, reading, or learning difficulty then please contact the DVSA and they will assist you.

If you would like a teacher to contact the test centre for you then visit www.fasttrackdrive.co.uk/free-assessment or call us on 01158376502 or WhatsApp us on 07768279709After the Test

What happens if I pass?

Congratulations! There will be celebrations for days and days because you passed your exam. Well done you are a super star! Once you have passed you will get your theory test certificate which you can show to your driving instructor and he or she will start your booking process.

How long is the theory test valid for?

The theory test certificate is valid for 2 years. You will need to pass your driving test within 2 years.

What happens if I fail my exam when can I retake it?

Within 3 days you can rebook the exam. Always have a positive mentality when it comes to the exam. You will definitely pass your test and you will definitely drive a car. If you lack confidence speak to our teachers on 07768279709 and if you need extra support get in touch with our support team on 07913256387.

What happens if I have passed the test but lost the certificate?

Visit the theory test booking website and enter your account details to retrieve your certificate number. You will not receive another certificate only a number which you can give to your driving instructor.

How can I pass first time with a teacher and save precious time studying?

When you study with a teacher you can feel confident that you will receive the following:

  • Unlimited online training with a professional teacher
  • Hazard perception training
  • Multiple choice questions (accurate to the real exam)
  • A workbook including all training materials
  • 2-4 hours online training per week
  • Road signs training material
  • Support with reading and learning difficulties
  • Free retraining if you fail
  • Support with booking the test

You can register for our award winning driving theory test training here www.fasttrackdrive.co.uk/driving-theory

In the mean time good luck Fast Trackers and always be the best!

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