Cancellation & Refund Policy

If you wish to request a refund for paid lessons, please contact our team at We will endeavour to resolve all matters within 3 working days.

Refund Terms

Refunds or cancellations may only be issued if:

  • you have requested a refund within 7 days of registration.
  • you have not completed any lessons.
  • you have not accessed or used training material or the online course.
  • you have paid full course fees. Course deposits are non-refundable.

No refunds will be processed for lessons that have already been completed.

Course Fees & Deposits

As part of our preparation courses, we provide the option for students to register with a deposit and to pay their outstanding course fees at a later date.

Any outstanding course fees are due either: (whichever comes first)

  • When attending their third lesson of the course
  • or 14 days after enrolment

If a student does not attend their third lesson within 14 days of enrolment, the original payment card will be charged for any remaining amount.

If you wish to cancel your course, please email us at

Cancellation of the course will result in the closing of any online accounts with no access to materials, resources or training. A refund will not be processed for amounts already paid.

A refund will not be processed for outstanding course fee charges if no cancellation is requested prior to the charge.

Cancellation of your course is subject to Terms & Conditions and this Cancellation & Refund Policy.

How to request a refund

To request a refund or cancellation, contact us at with your reason, email address and name.

When and how we issue refunds

Upon determining that that a cancellation or refund is due to you under these Terms, we will investigate the matter and endeavour to reach an agreement within 72 hours. Once investigation is completed we will provide:

  • our confirmation that such refund or cancellation is due to you; or
  • confirmation that a refund is not due with an explanation in line with our Cancellation & Refund Policy.

We will refund you on the credit card or debit card used to make payment. Refunds will be processed within 28 days of the above confirmation of the refund.