Fast track your way to ADI Driving Instructor Part 1 Test success with classroom and online lessons

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Learn with a qualified driving teachers online or at a time that suits you. Your teacher will coach you in all the skills you need to pass your driving theory exam in just 5 weeks. We will advise you every step of the way.

In your first session with us, your teacher will complete an assessment and design a personalised driving theory test study plan for you. We structure the classes to meet your ADI theory part 1 test needs.

Our number one priority is for you to pass the driving instructor part 1 theory test. If you don’t pass the test after studying with us, you can learn with us again for free.

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Learn with driving theory test teachers who will teach you how to pass all areas of your ADI part 1 exam to progress to part 2 and 3. Our teachers offer a personalised learning experience based on your strengths, weakness and/or learning difficulties (dyslexia, Asperger, and autism students are all supported with one to one classes)

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Qualified teachers with many years of experience.

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Proven history of helping students to pass since 2012.

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Dyslexia, Autism, and Asperger students are supported with one to one lessons at no extra charge

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Complete Course


Teaching is comprised of 5 online or classroom lessons, 2 hours each session, once a week. Your learning is then further enhanced by homework activities and assessments to track your progress throughout the course to ensure you are fully prepared for the test.

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Online and classroom lessons to cover all areas of the ADI part 1 driving theory test.

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Flexible study times (Mon-Sun) to fit any schedule.

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Personalised study plan, practice tests and homework assignments.

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Study Materials


After your assessment session, your teacher will create a personalised study plan which targets your areas for development. You will be provided with focused homework and practice questions to improve your grade.

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High quality study resources and practice tests.

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Detailed feedback on your practice exams to track progress.

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Revision plan to support you right up to your test date.

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We know that preparing to become a driving instructor is a difficult and costly process. That’s why we’re here to support you every step of the way. Contact your teacher any time that you need guidance with your training or application process parts 1, 2 or 3 and we’ll be here for you.

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Contact your teacher seven days a week by phone or email.

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Book lessons around your life and responsibilities.

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Support and guidance with your driving theory test part 1 and how to progress to your part 2 and 3.


Here Are Some Of Our Success Stories

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Pass Your ADI Part 1 Test With Us!

We provide Driving Instructor part 1 test training to help you pass your exam with a 99% Pass Rate and FREE RETRAINING if your fail your exam. Pick your training class or contact our offices on 01158376502 to speak to a teacher, If you cannot find the training that you need please contact us and we will support you as best we can!

What is the exam about?

The Driving Instructor Theory Test (ADI part 1):

You have 1 hour and 30 minutes to answer 100 multiple-choice questions.

100 Multiple Choice Questions

There are 25 questions in each of these 4 categories:

  • Road procedure
  • Traffic signs and signals, car control, pedestrians and mechanical knowledge
  • Driving test, disabilities, and the law
  • Publications and instructional techniques
  • This exam is multiple choice

Test Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

14 Hazard Perception Clips

You’ll then watch 14 video clips. The clips:

  • Feature everyday road scenes
  • Contain at least one ‘developing hazard’ – but one of the clips features 2 developing hazards
  • You can score up to 5 points for each developing hazard.
  • You only get one attempt at each clip. You can’t review or change your responses.

Key Information

Lessons: FULL 5 week Training or 5 Hour Booster Class
 Cost: £275 or £175
Online classes: One-to-one private tutoring morning or evening
 Hours per week: 2 hours per week (total 10 hours of classes + free retraining) or 5 hour booster training (can be divided into separate days)
Free training if you don’t pass
 Training Material:
Training packs, homework and questions 
 Lesson times: Daytime, evening and weekend available
 Lesson dates:  Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and  Saturday
• Classroom and online classes ideal for students who want to pass their driving instructor test. Our UK teachers will coach you to pass the driving instructor ADI part 1 theory test through interactive lessons. Online classes are popular with students who don’t have time to attend classrooms or complete courses due to other commitments.

There are currently two types of training we provide:

Full 5 Week ADI Part 1 Test Training: – 5 week class – 5 sessions in total – 2 hours each session – Power point presentation on test tips and guidance –  Includes homework and practice questions – Help with  rules, regulations and highway code questions which will come on the test – Support with test bookings and applying for your ADI part 1 test – Includes hazard perception training – 99% Pass rate first time- FREE RETRAINING if you fail your test (£275)

Fast Track One Day Part 1 Booster: – 5 hour session – Includes practice questions and training material – Help with  rules, regulations and highway code questions which will come on the test – Support with test bookings and applying for your ADI Part 1 test – Includes hazard perception training – No free retraining (£175)

Classroom and online classes will…

 Help you pass your driving instructor theory ADI part 1 test
Cover test strategies to improve overall score with 99% pass rate
Include free retraining – learn with us again for free if you don’t pass the test
Support with the ADI part 1 theory test application process
 Training material, power point presentations and homework to help you pass
Include weekly test sessions so teachers can monitor your progress
If you do not pass your exam you can return to training free of charge

Nottingham: Every Tuesday 10-12pm and Saturday 12-2pm
Other times are available upon request. Please contact us as we provide online and classroom training based around your timetable.

January: 3rd and 24th (full)
February: 7th and 28th (full)
March: 7th and 28th (full)
April: 4th and 25th (full)
May: 9th and 30th
June: 6th and 27th
July: 4th and 25th
August: 8th and 29th
September: 5th and 25th
October: 3rd and 24th
November: 7th and 28th
December: 5th and 19th

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